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With climbing now in the 2020 Olympics the popularity for the sport is only increasing and so is the demand for more gyms.

Rock climbing gyms are notoriously difficult to comfortably heat and cool, as climbers favour conditions much Cooler to improve friction and reduce sweaty hands, which is not ideal.

How do you cater for a climber who is moving to the top of the structure who is hot from exerting themselves as well as moving into warmer, stratified air while their partners stand still at the cooler floor below.

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Warwickshire University have had a £50million project bringing a world class sporting and leisure facility. It has received a new cooling and ventilation system from Waterloo. Working with designers to deliver a high-specification energy efficient scheme which would cope with the fluctuating levels of occupancy, a series of bespoke systems were produced.

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High level nozzel diffusers were supplied to deliver cool air in the larger areas of the climbing centre because these could be adjusted in any direction . Waterloo air products stressed the importance of working with the design team as early on as possible was a critical part of this project because it helped to deliver the customer requirements with the solution that worked and integrated with the building seamlessly.

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