Why should you have your ice machine and commercial refrigeration maintained?

Businesses dealing with food and drinks should be aware that Ice is considered food by the FDA which comes under inspection by the EHO.

Having regular maintenance on your ice machine using sanitisation ensures that the ice you serve is clear, looks good and above all is safe.

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What a Service Includes

Blow out any contaminants from the condenser, to protect the risks of the machine overheating.

To De-scale the evaporator

Sanitise the machine, to kill any bacteria that maybe present in the machine

Remove any lime scale build up

Conduct a key component inspection, which helps to minimise the risks of machine break- downs.

Provide a written estimate if any repair work is required

Ice Making Machine

Examples of Poor Maintenance

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Img 7917
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Dirty Ice Machine
Ice Machine Before
Dirty Ice Machine
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