Keep your Refrigeration Running

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars are all dependant on the reliability of their fridges. Without proper refrigeration, food and drink outlets would not be able to serve cold drinks or keep food fresh. It is, therefore, essential to look after fridges and practise these Ultra Cooling tips for optimum efficiency.

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Check the temperature: If the fridge temperature is set too high, your food will spoil. If the temperature is too low, the unit will be working harder than it has to. This will result in increased running costs and could induce frosting in the fridge.

Clean the interior: Cleaning fridge shelves, wiping down the door gasket and keeping glass doors clean will keep the fridge running smoothly. A well maintained door gasket, for example, can keep the fridge airtight and prevent it from overworking and wasting energy. Read more on how to clean a commercial fridge and boost efficiency.

Keep the fridge organised: Organisation will improve cleanliness, create less food waste and lead to a more efficient fridge. Commercial fridges should not be over packed as this prevents air circulation and creates warm air pockets. Read our Ultra Cooling tips on how to organise a commercial fridge for improved efficiency and hygiene.