Libby’s Bread & Wine - Cafe/ Restaurant

A coffee house / restaurant based in Marple Bridge.

Offering delicious freshly baked pastries, breads, cakes and savouries during the daytime before transforming into an intimate restaurant in the evening,

serving a small plate menu and pizza’s plus a great selection of wines and cocktails.

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Although Libby’s already had heating and cooling in place, Dermott the owner wished to update his current system with a more economical option.

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South Seven


After conducting a site survey, an energy efficient heat pump inverter was suggested. This would provide ample heating and cooling to the restaurant and dining area. This system for the temperature to be controlled easily to ensure the desired temperature is reached. Our installation team were on site at 5am on Monday morning installing the indoor units and to avoid disruption to staff and customers and the outdoor unit was installed around midday.


1 x Mitsubishi HI Under ceiling Unit

Due to a lack of adequate wall space an under ceiling unit was the best option to provide a comfortable environment.

Fden Zmxs Set
Fden Zmxs Set