Customer Needed A Heating Solution...

To install the most efficient way to heat a newly refurbished office in Cheadle Hulme.

We selected a Mitsubishi Heavy Industry unit with a SCOP of 3.66 and SEER of 4.19 . So 1 kw of power in and 4.19kw of heat out when in heat mode.

This solves the heating problem and has a dual bonus of providing cooling for summer also.

Along with the 100% Tax benefit Via the ECA scheme which was also desirable.

Unfortunately due to a lack of ceiling void this meant an infill panel had to be used. Usually the units are flush and hidden within the false ceiling but on this occasion this was the best unit for the project.

All equipment is backed up with 3 years parts warranty and same day service supplied by Ultra Cooling.

Img 7189
Cassette Side Veiw
Cassette Bottom Veiw 2
Cassette Side Veiw

The project required 1 x 7kw MHI cassette units and 1x Outdoor unit located at the rear of the premises, situated at high level.

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The Process...

Install Van
Before Install
Cassette 2
Cassette 3
Cassette Install 2
Cassette Before Casing
Paul Cassette
Connor Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
Out Door Pipe Work
Cassette Side Veiw 2
Cassette Side Veiw
Cassette Bottom Veiw 2
After Install
Mhi And Logo

Take a look at the Installation below...