Petit Delice

Installation of their new Prover / Retarder

Petit Delice Pastries

Everlasting FL100 proover

Our customer at Petit Delice approached us enquiring about replacing their existing prover with an all new prover/ retarder.

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The new cold systems for bakery professionals

The use of cold processes in modern baking technology arises from the new production needs, whose main goal is to avoid night and holiday work. These bakery units improve product quality, because a long leavening process gives the bread more flavour and lengthens it’s duration.

Leavening Control: Controlled fermentation is used for pastry and bread dough through an accurate management of temperature, humidity and time. Everlasting’s refrigerated cabinets and tables for leavening control stop or slow the fermentative activity of yeast, keep the dough in this condition until a maximum of 72 hours and then start the fermentation phase at the time established by the program.

Baking Cab 1
Everlasting Proover

The fermentation phase that automatically starts and finished at the time set by the program.

The whole process consists of 4 steps;

+ Cooling

+ Storage

+ Pre-Leavening


The benefits of using an Everlasting Retarder Prover;

+ Elimination of night work

+ Improved product quality and flavor

+ Enhanced profits due to rationalisation of process and ingredients

Petit Delice Pastries 2
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