Pure Cocoa Chocolatier - Commercial Wall Unit Installation

Our customer at Pure Cocoa in Hazel Grove approached us to see if we could provide a solution to their climate control issues during both the hot summer months with high humidity and the cold winter months.

When it comes to chocolate, temperature is crucial!

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Why Temperature is Key

Watch your Temper...

If you heat and cool chocolate without controlling the temperature the crystallisation of cocoa butter will result in crystals of different sizes ( these are bad) and your chocolate will bloom – appearing matt and covered with white patches. It will also crumble rather than snap. In order to avoid this you will need to temper your chocolate.

Tempering controls the crystals which helps to produce consistently small crystals, resulting in much better-quality chocolate.

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Check out our Installation Video Below!

We recommended the Mitsubishi HI SRK80ZR-S

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With a SRC80ZR-S outdoor Condenser

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Cafe climate too
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Added Benefit

With the location of the wall unit being centrally placed in the workshop preparation area, this allowed for full control of the climate whilst working and temping the chocolate with the added benefit of warming the cafe section for the customers and staffs comfort also.

With all pipework concealed in trunking for a more aesthetically pleasing finish for our customer.

Where possible we endeavor to conceal as much pipework as and when we can.

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A big Thank you to Lois & Phil of Pure Cocoa

"The Air Con is working well in our shop, the heating is great, no longer having to use the oil filled radiator which was on pretty much all day! Looking forawrd to the nice cool summers now & no stress"
Phil, Pure Cocoa
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