New Air Conditioning

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High ceilings not a problem...

We were approached by Stockport Grammar to supply a cooling solution to several of the larger class rooms. Due to their high ceilings heat loss through the roof was a large issue.

After an in depth site survey to explore the pipe run availability along with outdoor placement, ceiling suspended units were ideal due to the lack of ceiling void available. We ensured all pipe work was discretely routed to ensure a clean and tidy finish.

Choosing the right equipment for our client

To combat both heating and cooling issues we suggested the following equipment.

2 Units Per Room

Make: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry

Model: FDT100VF1

Type: Cassette Inverters

Cool Duty: 4.0 to 11.2 kw

Heat Duty: 4.0 to 12.5 kw

1566007793 W640 H640 Mitsubishi Heavy Fdt100Vf1
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