Annual Display Case Strip Down & Deep Clean

Unicorn Grocery is situated in Chorlton a quirky suburb of Manchester. Offering up the freshest locally sourced Organic produce.

The Unicorn insist on keeping up with a regular Service and Maintenance plan on their Refrigerated equipment. This insures they can keep their produce fresh all year round!

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Left Looking As Good As New

Both units were stripped down for their annual deep clean

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Unicorn After Service
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The Importance of PPM

  • To remove sump pumps
  • To strip and clean with disinfectant all internal coils and case
  • Remove all air honey cones and clean
  • To clean all drains by jet wash
  • To strip out fans & clean, and re assemble and test.
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Bio Film

Regular Refrigeration servicing can prevent a nasty build up of BIO film. This is a jelly like build up of bacteria which can be found in many chiller drainage systems and is the leading cause of leaking chillers due to a lack of regular servicing.

Not only do we supply & Install cabinets, we provide high quality Service & PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) also.

PPM is just that, a consistent way to prevent any major issues occurring with equipment. Faults can be picked up early often preventing major damage happening to other components which often leads to costly repairs!

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Deep Clean Time Lapse

Unicorn Grocery Deep Clean

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