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We Cover Manchester & The North West supplying a 24/7 emergency break down service.

Air conditioners along with Refrigerated equipment require yearly maintenance in order to maintain proper performance.

With the proper maintenance your Air conditioning and Refrigeration will work more economically and be more dependable for years to come. With a few easy and routine procedures you can keep your unit at peak performance and get the maximum amount of comfort from your equipment.

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We Repair
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Emergency Breakdown Repairs


Responsive Diagnosis

Efficient Repairs

With Refrigeration we understand time is critical to you and your business.

Put Your Trust In Us

Our team understand the pressures of modern life and in order to minimise disruption, we will considerately plan your Air Conditioning & refrigeration installations and PPM’s around your business operation or personal schedule.

if you are experiencing any of the following issues with your Air Conditioning please contact us today.

Leaking water

Lack of cooling

No power

Noisy unit

Bad smell

No heating

Gas leak


Does your industry come under the HSE, Ofsted or the CQC, you may be asked for maintenance records

What we Offer

We offer a range of tailor made contracts to suit your individual needs, from F-Gas support to ensure compliance with current legislation to Planned Preventative maintenance contracts (PPM). We cannot stress the importance of preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of sudden failure, which can cause chaos if it occurs at weekends, public holidays or on those hot summer days – click below to find out more.


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