Refrigeration Service & Maintenance

With all the responsibilities involved in running a business, commercial refrigeration maintenance isn’t high on the list of priorities. When there’s a problem, repairs, lost product and disruption to operations.

Fortunately, commercial refrigeration maintenance is usually quick and comparably inexpensive, and can help prevent breakdowns and repairs that could strike at the worst time. Learn more about preventative commercial refrigeration maintenance and how it can save you time and money

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Here at Ultra Cooling we provide personalised maintenance plans to suit your needs...

We know the responsibilities involved in running a business, commercial refrigeration maintenance isn’t high on the list of priorities. That is why we provide an array of maintenance plans to suit your environment, whether that is fortnightly, monthly or annually.

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The high cost of neglected maintenance

We will schedule all of your maintenance so you don't have to. Working on a preventative basis regular servicing can save you on costly breakdowns at the worst times.

Walk-in freezers, coolers, product cases, and many more types of commercial refrigeration are a significant part of your business. Even small issues are enough to bring this equipment down, costing you in repairs and lost product.

Refrigeration equipment never stops running, so it needs to be properly maintained to ensure it’s up to the task...

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance...

Refrigeration Maintenance Saves Energy

Refrigeration Maintenance Extends Life of Kitchen Equipment

Improve the Safety and Quality of Food with Refrigeration Maintenance

Lower The Risk of Costly Emergency Repairs

When commercial refrigeration equipment breaks down, the cost of repair is not the only negative aspect of lost product and business. Scheduling regular preventive refrigeration maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing a costly and unexpected breakdown.

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Here Are A Few Of The Benefits Of Regular Maintenance

  • Reliability: Equipment that’s inspected and serviced regularly not only runs more efficiently, but is also less likely to develop serious problems that need repairs. Technicians can identify small issues and repair them as well, long before they become major problems.
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  • Food safety: With refrigeration maintenance, you know all your units are operating properly and keeping your food fresh and safe at the correct temperatures. Many people do not realise this but Ice is considered food by the FDA and so also comes under the EHO inspection.
  • Cleanliness: Bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens can be lurking in your equipment and finding their way into your stored food or ice, putting your customers at risk of foodborne illnesses. Part of maintenance is professional and regular cleanings, which are beneficial to the food service industry.
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  • Longevity: Your commercial refrigeration units are a big investment for your business, so you want them to last. Equipment that is cleaned and serviced regularly is more likely to stay in good condition for longer periods of time, saving you in repair and replacement costs in the future.
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